Bret Oleksyn

Bret started Odd Fellows Contracting in 1988 with his business partner David Fox.  They were just a couple of “fellows” doing “odd jobs” at the time and hence the Odd Fellows Contracting name was born!  Over the years Odd Fellows has grown based on Bret’s core values of hard work, honesty, and love for the remodeling process.  Bret loves meeting with people and discussing the possibilities of remodeling.  One of Bret’s talents is being able to envision things as they “can be” instead of just seeing them for “what they are”.  Additionally, he enjoys the challenges and rewards of growing and developing a business including the blessing of interacting with, and helping with the development of the people within the business.

Bret’s current business partner (and spouse), Kris (the real boss), often work side by side in their home office to oversee the business.   Bret renovated and restored his current home over the course of 11 years and has a true love for the remodel process.  Bret’s dream travel destination would be to Mount Everest.  In Michigan he enjoys traveling within the north western territory of Michigan.  Bret’s favorite holiday is Christmas where he gets to celebrate the Lord’s birth along with his family.

Random Facts About Bret:

  • Favorite Movie: The Shack
  • Favorite Color: Green
  • First Job: Paper Boy
  • Random Talent: Public Speaking
  • Favorite Season: Fall (aka: Hunting Season).
  • Favorite Sport and Sports Figure: Golf – Phil Mickelson
  • Favorite Food: Seafood, crab legs in particular (the really big ones!).
  • Favorite Restaurant: Red Lobster
  • Biggest Phobias: Wasps…they are the worst.
  • Cookies, Cake or Pie? Cherry Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Kris Oleksyn

Kris has been working at Odd Fellows along with Bret since 2002.  Bret will be the first to attribute most of Odd Fellows success to Kris’ involvement.  Kris’ ability to keep things organized (Bret!) and to develop a customer focused process is a foundation for the Odd Fellows culture.  Kris’ favorite part of her job is getting to know the customers and fellow workers.  Kris has three children and six grandchildren.  She loves spending time with them.  Her favorite place in Michigan is to visit the Leelanau Peninsula (the north western part of the Lower Peninsula) where she enjoys traveling to the small towns, hiking and going on seasonal roads. Kris’ dream travel destination is Italy – to travel to small coastal towns there (Tuscany)!  Another dream destination would be Fiji Islands, so that she and Bret could scuba dive.  They are both certified divers. Along with Bret, Kris loves the fall as well.  Her favorite holiday is the Christmas season, where she gets to celebrate Christ’s birth along with spending extended time with her family.

Random Facts About Kris:

  • Favorite Movie: A Message in a Bottle (Tear Jerker!)
  • Favorite Color: Green
  • First Job: Assistant Manager at Foxmoor Casuals – working in retail at 16 years old.
  • Random Hobby: Gardening!  Only flowers!
  • Favorite Season: Fall (cooler weather, colors of leaves and the smells).
  • Favorite Sport and Team: MSU Spartan (because 2 daughters graduated from MSU).
  • Favorite Food: Mexican
  • Favorite Restaurant: Cancun Mexican Grill or Acapulco Grill.
  • Cookies, Cake or Pie? Apple Pie with Ice Cream of course!