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Sometimes we all need some help to get a project or two accomplished in our homes.  The trusted technicians at Odd Jobs are skilled craftsman that are available on an hourly basis to help you get those items accomplished.  Call us today to see how simple it can be to get help for your small home repair and handyman projects.  We keep our pricing simple and transparent so there is no confusion.

See our list of services and let us know how we can serve you and your home.


Odd Jobs professional handyman services starts with a phone call to our office to get your information and get some initial details of what you need done.  Following your call one of our technicians will call you to get further information about your project including the scope of work and possible materials that may be required.

We will discuss ideas of the amount of hours that may be required for your project based on past projects of similar work to give you ideas of potential costs.  We will also discuss timelines for when we will be able to get the work done.  Finally, we will answer any questions you have to help you understand everything that may be needed to help you get your job done.


Odd Jobs pricing is simple.  We want to be very transparent with our pricing so there is no confusion.  Our goal is to provide our customers the ability to get small to medium sized projects accomplished while feeling comfortable with the costs associated with the work being done.  Pricing is so simple it comes down to three aspects only; our hourly rate, a consult cost (if required), and material costs with a small 20% markup on materials.  The overall cost is based on the hours that the job requires and any materials that may be required, it truly is that simple.

We are often asked, "How long will it take?".  With years of experience, we are able to give you a likely amount of time that the job will take prior to beginning the work.

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