Isaac Hahnenberg

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Isaac came to Odd Fellows Contracting at the recommendation of some family friends and with the desire to learn the trade.  He likes to stay active and comes with a commitment to learn and help.  Although he is one of the taller members of the Odd Fellows team, he is likely going to be the shortest of all of his brothers.

Random Facts About Isaac Hahnenberg

  • Favorite Movie:  Lord of the Rings series.
  • Dream Vacation:  Trip to Hawaii.
  • Favorite Sport/Team:  MSU Basketball.
  • Favorite Colors:  Blue.
  • First Job:  Landscaping during Highschool.
  • Favorite Season:  Summer but loves winter clothers.
  • Favorite Dessert:  Ice Cream with anything peanut.
  • Favorite Food:  Anything!  Especially pizza.
  • Favorite Restaurant:  Qdoba.
  • Phobia:  Extreme heights.
  • Favorite Holiday:  Christmas, loves having time off.
  • Hidden Talents or Hobbies:  Basketball.
  • Favorite Spot to Visit in Michigan:  Up north or Grand Ledge.
Low key shot of a hand holding a basket ball at studio