Ian Blandthorn

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Ian has traveled quite a long way to work for Odd Fellows Contracting.  Ian owned his own remodeling business for many years in Colorado but ultimately was excited to be part of a great group where he could focus on the work that he enjoys doing while not worrying about the paperwork side of owning a business.  Prior to his work in Colorado, Ian spent many years working in remodeling and construction in his home country of Australia.  Ian has two young daughters and a wonderful wife that keep him busy while he is not building beautiful remodeling projects.  He enjoys spending time outside and loves having a fun and positive work environment on his projects.

Random Facts About Ian Blandthorn

  • Favorite Sports: Western Bulldogs Australian Football
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • First Job: Delivering pamphlets.
  • Favorite Season: Football season!
  • Favorite Dessert:  Pavlova (look it up if you don’t know what it is).
  • Favorite Movie:  Happy Gilmore
  • Favorite Food:  Anything with sugar.
  • Favorite Restaurant:  NOT Outback steakhouse.  Too cliche.
  • Favorite Holiday:  Beach…this must be a lost in translation thing.
  • Favorite Local Place to Visit:  Open to suggestions.
  • Something Interesting About Ian:  Nothing that he can think of…he is basic.
  • Talents and Hobbies:  He can talk in a very convincing Australian accent.