About Us

At the end of your home remodeling project you will be left with a Story.

The question is: What is your home remodeling story going to be? There are so many nightmare tales out there and regrets from homeowners on who they selected as their home remodel contractor.

We started our business in 1988 and we focus on creating home remodeling stories that our clients proudly and happily share with their family and friends.

So what does our tagline, “Unlike Any Other Remodeler” mean? A statement like that does beg for an answer. It comes down to these core ideals:

We Care.
Our clients know that we care about them. Their property, animals, kids and remodeling investment. We care enough to call back. We care to follow through on the job. It’s the first thing we list here – because it’s at the core of Our Difference: We Care!

On Time.
Happy homeowners have their calls returned on time.  How does it feel when your home remodel contractor shows up when they said they would?  Are you confident that your kitchen or bathroom remodel project will start and end on time?  Following a process and schedule is extremely important to us (and you)!  This may make us a bit “Odd” in our industry, but being different is a good thing when it comes to exceeding your expectations.  This is just another reason we have been voted as the Best Residential Remodeling Contractor in the Lansing area.

We Communicate & Listen.
Beginning with our initial Project Discovery meeting all the way through the end of the home renovation, we listen to your ideas, feedback, and concerns. We manage the project 100% for you and communicate with you on what will be happening next. Questions are answered quickly, and problems are resolved promptly.

We Hate Surprises.
In our Post Project Survey’s we always hear from clients: “They did exactly what they said they would do. No extra charges. No surprises.” You’ll appreciate the lack of surprises during your project.  Our process has been developed over years and continues to improve to ensure you have the best experience possible with your home renovation.

We’re Professional & Experienced.
We belong to local trade organizations, attend training seminars, and are constantly improving our knowledge and credentials to better serve you. We deliver creative solutions, unique designs, and an exceptional finished job that will stand the test of time.

A recent Kitchen Remodeling client of ours commented“It was such a fun process and experience!”
That statement summarizes Our Difference. A fun, enjoyable …and, well… “Odd!” Remodeling Experience.  Make your remodeling story a great one by calling Odd Fellows Contracting or requesting a consultation, you will definitely be glad you did!

Do you have a Kitchen, Bathroom, Finished Basement, Home Addition, or Deck Project you are considering? Contact us for an initial Project Discovery Session.