Meet The Team

Odd Fellows Contracting has been in business remodeling homes for over 30 years.  The culture of creating beautiful changes in peoples homes and lives with the attitude, demeanor, and quality of true professionals starts at the top and runs throughout the rest of the company.

Please learn more about our diverse, talented team below!



Remodeling Specialists / Designers

Jerry Dowell Hover Image

Jerry Dowell

Mark Dixon Hover Image

Mark Dixon

Jaime Dunn Hover Image

Jaime Dunn

Remodeling Consultants

Brian Taylor Hover Image

Brian Taylor


Tammy BeGole Hover Image

Tammy BeGole

Shelby Widner Hover Image

Shelby Widner

Dave Orrison Hover Image

Dave Orrison

Shasta King Hover Image

Shasta King

Project Foremen

Danniel Nanasy Hover Image

Danniel Nanasy

Christopher Hicks Hover Image

Christopher Hicks

Ian Blandthorn Hover Image

Ian Blandthorn

Nick Childers Hover Image

Nick Childers

Phillip Nanasy Hover Image

Phillip Nanasy


James Bronkema Hover Image

James Bronkema

Sam Schaub Hover Image

Sam Schaub

Jack Kujawa Hover Image

Jack Kujawa

Grayden Nanasy Hover Image

Grayden Nanasy

Aaron Barden Hover Image

Aaron Barden

Jesse Bermudez Hover Image

Jesse Bermudez

Dominic Bermudez Hover Image

Dominic Bermudez


Brennan Hovey Hover Image

Brennan Hovey