James Bronkema

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James was introduced to Odd Fellows Contracting by his brother, Dan (Bronx) who is one of our Project Supervisors.  In his free time James helps on his dad and brother’s farm.  James lives in Corunna and enjoys hunting in the fall.  James respects and owns the Odd Fellows ideals of working hard and paying attention to details. 

Random Facts About James Bronkema

  • Favorite Movie: Any Western movie.
  • Dream Vacation: Trip to Alaska.
  • Favorite Sport/Team: College Football, University of Michigan.
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • First Job: Worked at a dog kennel.
  • Favorite Season: Pepper.
  • Biggest Phobias: None, he is apparently afraid of nothing.
  • Cookies, Cake, or Pie?:   Cheesecake….Again, is this a pie or a cake?
  • Favorite Food: Tacos
  • Favorite Restaurant: Red Robin, probably because of the bottomless steak fries…unless of course they make tacos that I wasn’t aware of.