2019 Award Winner – Best Residential Remodeling Company!

June 27, 2019
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It is not generally in our nature to want to sound boastful.  It is almost a little hard to put something out there like this saying that we were voted as the “Best Residential Remodeling Co.” in the Lansing area.  At the same time, it is a great achievement and we want to celebrate the…

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Is Composite the “King of Decking”?

June 21, 2019
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Because I am old enough to remember when pressure treated lumber first came on the scene, I have seen its climb as the greatest thing since concrete and then its fall as one of life’s biggest pains in the neck.  It didn’t take long for the typical exterior wood attributes to come forth and people…

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Navigating the Contractor Minefield

June 11, 2019
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The journey of remodeling can be a tricky one.  There are a lot of decisions that need to be made along your remodeling path.  The first and possibly most important decision is your choice of a contractor.  The contractor will be a significant part of the entire experience.  The contractor’s involvement in design, scheduling, communication,…

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