Year in Reflection

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As we are coming upon the close of 2022 it is often natural to look back and think about the past as we look forward to the future.  This past year has been a challenge for many, and the remodeling industry has not been exempt from challenges.  It has a busy year, and we feel very blessed to have the confidence of our wonderful clients who entrust us with the improvement of their homes.  We truly love making beautiful changes to homes.  This year we have found ourselves with the ability to make adjustments to the increased demand.  When the very high remodeling demand of 2021 started, it occasionally felt like riding down a hill in a cart without brakes.  The goal was to hold on, steer as best as we could, and make sure the wheels didn’t fall off.  This was a particularly exciting but difficult time as our efforts were met with a lot of resistance in the form of supply chain issues, a shorter labor force, and very long lead time during a time of record-breaking demand.  As 2021 came to a close, we started to see things begin to settle down and were grateful to have the opportunity to evaluate things again.  Our goal has always been to honor our promise to make working with Odd Fellows Contracting a “Quality Remodeling Experience” and we are excited about continuing in that tradition of excellence.  Lead times are decreasing, and demand is beginning to stabilize.  It has been two years of working at a frantic pace and it is a bit surreal to think of the “normal” pace that we are able to fall back in.  We are very grateful for the year that we have had, with challenges comes growth and learning.   We are very excited for 2023.  It will be a year in which we get to continue to show why we are Lansing’s highest rated remodeling company.

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