How To Accomplish Your Remodeling Goals

Remodeling Options

I have had the opportunity to talk to a lot of people about various remodeling projects and I have found that there is often confusion on what their options are to accomplish their goals.  Knowing your options early can save you time and get you pointed in the right direction for how to tackle your remodel.  As there are many ways to accomplish your remodeling project, I have found that most of the options come down to three basic categories.

The first option is DIY (Do It Yourself).  This often involves watching videos online and getting “You-Tube Certified” on how to do the remodel.  At face value, this is easily the least expensive way to accomplish your remodeling goals.  For certain projects, this can be a great way to get the work done while sticking with a tighter budget.  Time is money and using your time and resources to do the work will likely save you money.  Many remodeling, repair or replacement projects can be accomplished without needing permits.  For projects where there is only a couple of things being done, this can often be a great way to go depending on your comfort level, knowledge, and experience.

The next option is to be your own contractor.  This option involves hiring each of the different skill sets, or “trades” to accomplish the work to be done.  For example, if you wanted to remodel your bathroom, you would hire a plumber, drywall installer, electrician, carpenter, painter, tile installer, HVAC contractor, etc. to get the work done.  Although this will typically cost more than doing it all yourself, this can often be a great option as another way to reduce costs and can incorporate some DIY as well to further reduce overall costs.  The difficulty of this option often comes down to a lot of work required on your end to find the right contractors, getting bids, and scheduling the contractors to do their work.  It may also involve you purchasing your own materials for them to install.  For work that requires a building permit, it will be your responsibility to file and obtain permits for the project as well.  This option also generally means that the time of work being done in your home is extended as you work through scheduling. 

The final option is to hire a general contractor.  There are various degrees of contractors, but I will address what is involved in hiring a typical design-build remodeling contractor like Odd Fellows Contracting, Inc.  This option involves working with a design/build company that will work through the design, estimating, and completion of the work to be done.  It is handled at a “one stop shop” where everything related to the project is handled by one group.  That group will likely subcontract out portions of the work, but you will have a single point of contact throughout your entire project.  All materials, design, demolition, cleanup, labor, permits, and inspections will all be handled by one group.  This is typically the most expensive option as you are purchasing a professional service for all the additional work, scheduling and management, supervision time to be handled for you.  The advantage of a one stop shop is that if you hire a good design build contractor, you are also hiring their resources of good subcontractors, designers, material discounts, and experience to have the smoothest remodel experience possible.  Another advantage with a design build contractor is the use of 3D design to give visuals of the project to assist with decision making.  You will be able to explore many design options and work in conjunction with a designer to determine the right design, materials, and scope for your project.  Additionally, experienced designers can often lead the project, design and material selections in ways that you may not have originally considered. 

As you are searching for someone to handle your remodeling project, it is an important step to understand how you want to tackle the project.  Knowing your options can save you time and help you focus on getting the right fit for your project goals.  If a one stop shop option sounds best to you, give us a call, we would love to discuss your remodeling project and help make beautiful changes to your home.