What is Design-Build?

Design Build Blog

When we talk to customers, we often discuss the multiple ways that options that they have for accomplishing their home remodeling goals.  There are multiple types of contractors that accomplish remodeling in different way.  Odd Fellows Contracting is a Design-Build remodeling contractor.  This means that we integrate both the design and the building aspects of the remodeling work under one roof.  We have a team of full-time designers on staff that work with our customers to develop the design of the remodeling using best in class 3D design software.  Our designers work with our customer by creating three dimensional plans to show layout options.  Additionally, our designers work with our customers to make product and material recommendations along with our vendor partners as part of the design process.  This includes selection of cabinets for kitchen remodels, tile selection for bathroom remodels, lighting selections for a sunroom addition, etc.

In a design-build company, the production team is integrated along with the designers to provide a seamless transition.  This provides improved communication between the design department and the production department to provide a team-oriented approach to the remodel.  Essentially, design-build contractors are a one-stop shop that handles all aspects of the remodel from start to finish.  We work on what is called a “fixed price contract”.  What this means is that we work to determine all costs that will be associated with the project during the design phase so that before we get started, all costs are determined to avoid surprises during the build phase of the project.  This allows the client to make choices in the design phase while understanding the cost impact of those choices.  A design-build group like us specializes in project that require coordination in design and product selections along with a production or “build” group to ensure a quality remodeling experience from the beginning through the end of the project.