What Does Value Mean?


Over time the word value has gone through some changes.  Due to the overuse of the word in advertising the word “value” has lost some of its…well…value.  I would daresay that the word “value” often has a connotation of something that is of a lesser quality so that you can save money.  Despite this connotation, “value” is something that is important to all of us as we shop and compare.  We want “value” in the money we spend. 

Our Perception Becomes Reality

The worth or importance that we place on something will shape its value.  While I personally may not place high value on type of car that I drive (it just gets me from here to there), there are many people that place very high value on cars.  Value can also be associated with how we spend our time.  Do we value our free time, our hobbies, our family time?  The amount of time we spend on activities can reflect the things we value as well.  What we value is different for everyone.

Getting a Deal

“Value” and “Deal” have some similarities but there are some important differences.  Have you ever hired or worked with a family member or close friend on something?  Was your expectation going in that you would “get a good deal” because of your association with them?  While this can sometimes benefit both parties, there are occasions where one person is not getting a good deal because of the “good deal” that the other is getting. 

Getting Good Value

There is a quote that has really meant a lot to me that I read some time ago.  It is from Diamond Custom Finishes and says “When people are shopping price as their first priority, it’s partly to do with the unknown.  They are unfamiliar with the industry and are trying to find a base from which to start their education.  Price seems to be the easiest place to start.  I feel it is very important to educate them from the first meeting with these four rules: understand that you get what you pay for; knowledge and experience have value; trust and communication have value; and a good deal is when both parties are happy.”

We are not the least expensive option for remodeling, and we don’t want to be.  It is not possible to operate and conduct business in the way that brings true “value” without layers of people ensuring that our customers get a consistent and wonderful experience.  Some people don’t place “value” on a good experience and would rather get their version of the “best deal” possible.  We are okay with that.  One of the favorite parts of my job is helping people understand their priorities and what they value.  This occasionally means that we don’t do their project because their values don’t line up with ours, and that is okay.  Per the quote, “a good deal is when both parties are happy.”. 

What is Value to You?

As you go on your search for something, whether it be a kitchen remodel, new car, new golf clubs, etc., it is great to understand what you value before you start your search.  Being able to be honest with yourself and with the person working to help you in that decision will make for a much more enjoyable experience for everyone.