How long before my desired completion date should I start planning my kitchen remodel?


One consideration in the answer to this question is how good you are at making decisions!

How much time you are willing to put into research of product selection, and to what degree you require your remodelers help will be a key factors in this answer.

On average you should plan on 3-4 weeks of design creation, refinement and product selection, 4-6 weeks from cabinet order to delivery, and 3-12 weeks for the actual remodeling process through completion.

When we mention the 3-12 weeks for the actual installation – that’s a big spread in timeframe! Here’s why:

For some projects, if we are just replacing the existing cabinets, countertops, appliances and painting – it may be near the 3 week timeframe for completion.

When we add in complete demolition of all surfaces, major structural components and changes – such as moving walls or merging two rooms into one large room, or changing load bearing points, custom detailed carpentry and not ‘store bought’ cabinets, custom designed tile work, inlayed flooring, multiple required inspections – you can see how it can easily turn into a 12 weeks or more process!

With the dozens of decisions that need to be made for your kitchen remodel – it’s key that you partner with an experienced remodeler who can walk you through the process in an organized and thorough way.

If you have any questions for us, reach out anytime!