Service Overview

Full overhaul of the master bathroom. The existing layout of their bathroom was in need of a change with the tub taking up most of the room. The tub was no longer desired and the existing shower had cracking in the tiles and felt really dark in the corner. The existing bathtub was removed and space was examined to see ways to improve storage, have a much bigger shower, and to move the vanity that was in the "foyer" area to be inside the bathroom to create a changing space in the foyer area. With the removal of the large bathtub, the space became open to create a large shower with dual vanities. The large tile shower with the 3/4 wall gave space for a large recessed tile niche and the control for the shower was at the opening so that the shower control could be done without walking to the showerhead side.

Location: Portland, Michigan

Project Completed: 2024

Designer: Jaime Dunn

Foreman: Nick (Cutty) Childers