Service Overview

Expansion and enlargement of existing kitchen. The goal was to be able to create a new larger kitchen that would fit the beautiful home. Complete demolition and update to kitchen along with removal of deck to add on space to kitchen to create a larger footprint. The deck was updated as well as portions of the 3 seasons room and laundry room as they were impacted by the kitchen remodel.

Customer's Wishes

The customer wanted a larger kitchen that would fit the feel of the rest of their home. They had a 3 seasons room that was only accessible through the laundry room or deck and they wanted to create easier access through the kitchen to get more use of that space. The kitchen was enlarged which necessitated the removal and update of the deck as part of the work to be done. The flooring in the kitchen was updated and carried through to multiple parts of the main floor to tie it all together.

Location: Okemos, Michigan

Project Completed: 2022

Designer: Jerry Dowell

Foreman: Christopher Hicks