Three Important Documents for Your Home Remodeling Project


The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were without question two of the most important documents in the building of our country. There are also some very important documents you should pay attention to when you’re remodeling your home.

1. Your Contract: The contract you sign with your remodeler spells out all the terms and conditions involved in doing the remodeling work. It covers price, materials, schedule, and a host of other things. This document exists to protect both you and us, so don’t be in a rush to sign it. Verbal communication about your expectations and commitments can be misunderstood. Your written contract spells everything out in detail and makes sure everyone involved are on the same page.

2. Your Plan/Design: The plan/design for your project is your chance to visualize how the new remodeling will look. This is helpful because sometimes seeing the plan/design laid out gives you a clearer idea of what’s really happening. And it’s better to make changes at the planning stage rather than during the construction phase.

3. Your Change Order Form: Let’s be honest, sometimes changes do happen in the middle of a project. Some may be small changes – some may be more significant. A change order form spells out exactly what the change is, what it will cost, and how it may affect the schedule. Once again, it makes sure everything is clear and all parties are on the same page.

These documents are essential to making sure your home remodeling delivers the results you want, so read them carefully before signing your “John Hancock!”

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