The Key to Keeping Remodeling Under Control


If you’re thinking about remodeling your home you’re probably not considering anything that approaches the scope of what took place at the Truman White House. You may be thinking more along the lines of remodeling your kitchen, your master bathroom, or opening up space inside your home to give it a roomier, more spacious feel.

Your remodeling project, however, will share two elements with the White House renovation: A timeline and a budget.

As remodelers, two of the most common questions we hear are: “How much will this cost?” and “How long will this take?” The good news is that there is a simple key to keeping your remodeling project on schedule and within budget: Planning.

It sounds simple, but it’s so important. Good planning for a remodeling project begins with you. You need to figure out exactly what it is you want. This involves more than simply looking at great pictures on or HGTV (although, you can glean some really great ideas that way). Planning means identifying how you want your home to better fit your lifestyle.

Do you want to entertain in your kitchen? Do you want to do more gourmet cooking? Do you simply want more space—or more efficiency in your kitchen?

Do you want to create a spa-like atmosphere in your master bath so you can retreat? Or perhaps you’re thinking about the future and you want to create a master bathroom that looks beautiful but will also be easily accessible as you get older.

Another part of planning is creating a realistic budget. The idea here isn’t to see how cheaply you can build something. The idea is to determine what you can really afford to pay and still get the value (quality) you want. You don’t want to spend more than you should, but you don’t want to cut corners (which will end up costing you more later).

Once you’ve decided what you want and how much your budget should be or if you have questions – sit down with us. As a professional remodeler, we’re trained to solve those kinds of problems. We may have ideas and solutions you hadn’t considered. And we’ll be able to give you a pretty accurate estimate for how long it will take and what it will cost.

Planning ahead yourself and then planning together with us will help you keep your remodeling project under control.

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