Habitat for Humanity – World Habitat Day Work


On Monday October 7th, 2019, Odd Fellows Contracting had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer and work with Habitat for Humanity Capital Region on World Habitat Day in their efforts to continue the remodel of an existing Lansing neighborhood home.  Due to some issues in the initial remodel scope, the project had experienced some delays.  With the efforts of Dennis Graham and Vicki Hamilton-Allen with the Habitat for Humanity, Odd Fellows Contracting was able to get the house back on track.  The homeowner is a veteran and lives in the Lansing area.  The focus of the day’s work was to remove the existing aluminum siding and replace with some foam insulation and vapor barrier to prepare for the new vinyl siding that will be done later this week.  Additionally, some of the windows removed and replaced with new vinyl windows.  The homeowners were ecstatic to have the work done on their home and to see such quick changes in such a short amount of time.

We were blessed with wonderful weather and the helping hands of ten Odd Fellows employees including craftsmen, project superintendents, sales, and the President, Bret Oleksyn.  It was a great time to all work together and to spend some time giving back to the Lansing community that we love.  We are proud to serve those who have served our country and look forward to other opportunities to work alongside Habitat for Humanity in the future to help make even more beautiful changes to people’s homes.    

Additionally, Odd Fellows Contracting works with Habitat for Humanity on their ReStore side by donating cabinets, etc from our remodel projects so that they can be used further to expand their lifespan instead of ending up in the dump.  

If you are interested in working with this wonderful group at Habitat for Humanity, visit their website to see opportunities that may be in your area https://www.habitatcr.org