Service Overview

By removing the wall between the shower/commode room and the vanity, the designer was able to accomplish the client's wishes for a larger and more open bathroom. The extra inches gained by the wall removal and eliminating the door between that took up a lot of room made drastic changes. The existing vanity was expanded and additional vanity storage was added to create better opportunities for organization and improved transitional design. The new shower took up more space but still feels open due to the half high wall and frameless glass surround. The changes made really helped create a more more open and relaxing space for the clients to enjoy.

Customer's Wishes

The client's existing bathroom felt cramped with the vanity and shower separated into different rooms. The goal was to remove the wall to open up more space and add more natural light with the window in the entire bathroom space. The customer wanted a larger and more open shower as well with a glass enclosure.

Location: Okemos, MI

Project Completed: 2019

Designer: Jerry Dowell