At our first meeting, we will:

  • Listen to what you like and don't like about your current home.
  • Listen to your goals, needs, and desires.
  • Talk about different possibilities.
  • Read through and execute Design Services Agreement. *(Required fee for Design Services Agreement is 2% of high end of the estimated investment or minimum of $1,000 per project.)*
  • Discuss your desired investment and investment comfort zone.

Once the Design Services Agreement has been approved we will have our second meeting, which will include:

  • Meeting with the Designer to discuss scope of work.
  • Complete a field sketch and gather more detailed measurements.
  • Discover likely material choices.
  • Take photographs of all areas in scope of work.
  • Schedule a time to meet and review Phase 1 design concepts at Odd Fellows Contracting offices in Williamston.

At our third meeting, we will:

  • Review the designs/concepts and options we have created for you, and make any revisions necessary.
  • Review any impacts these changes might make on your investment.
  • Schedule a meeting to review revised design concept, if necessary. (Note: The initial Design Services Agreement includes up to two design concepts.)
  • Discuss and execute Final Design Phase Agreement. (Required fee for Final Design Phase Agreement is 3% (or minimum of $1,500) of agreed upon investment.)

Once Final Design Phase Agreement is executed, the following will take place:

  • We prepare a shopping list (what we call our ‘Customer Selection Sheet) for you of all items that need to be selected.
  • Work alongside the Designer to make product and material selections.
  • Guide you through the forms and styles available for each item.
  • Help you decide on appropriate colors.
  • Gather color copies and samples of selected items and keep track of all selections made to ensure that your design style is consistent and that we are creating the picture that you want.
  • Schedule a site team meeting for the trades to visit your project and prepare final bid numbers.

Prior to the final meeting of the design process, we will:

  • Designers will be finalizing all drawings needed for producing and permitting your project.
  • Designers will finalize all trade and vendor bids and contracts.
  • Designers will complete the final specifications.
  • Designers will prepare plans to be ready for contract review.

At this closing meeting, we will:

  • Review and sign off on contract plans.
  • Review final specifications.
  • Review final pricing.
  • Sign the final construction proposal and contract.
  • Remaining 45.5% balance is due to go to contract.

Before we start actual construction, we will:

  • Apply for the building permit (most municipalities take 1-2 weeks to approve a permit application.)
  • Release all purchase orders to all vendors.
  • Prepare the construction packet for your project site superintendent. Schedule the pre-construction team conference.
  • The Project Manager will be in contact via email to provide scheduling updates.
  • Once your project is scheduled, the Project Manager will be in contact with you to announce the tentative start date.

At this meeting, we will:

  • Introduce you to your project site superintendent.
  • Review the project on-site with your project site superintendent.
  • Ask a series of questions regarding general ‘housekeeping’ issues to ensure your safety and security during construction.

After the conference, we will:

  • Prepare the actual construction schedule that we will use to complete your project in a timely manner.

During construction, we will:

  • Update you on work that is being performed.
  • Meet with you to address any concerns and questions that may arise during construction.
  • Update you on changes to the schedule that may occur.
  • Update you on any changes that may require cost increases or credits due to changes in scope of work. Utilize our detailed checklist during each phase of construction to ensure that your project is complete with accuracy and to a high level of quality.
  • During production, you will be contacted on a regular basis to provide feedback on your project team and trades.

After construction work is completed, we will:

  • Deliver your warranty and information packet.
  • Call you after 6 months to see how you are enjoying the work we performed for you and see if there is anything we need to adjust. Our goal is to make this process an enjoyable experience for you. We want you to love the enhancements to your home – and share your experience with others who would benefit from our services.