Refer Odd Fellows Contracting

Have you had a great experience working with Odd Fellows Contracting?  Not everyone may know that they can get a quality remodel AND a quality remodeling experience.  Referrals are our primary method of marketing.  Please let your friends, colleagues, and family know about your experience and encourage them to consult with us to discuss their next possible remodeling project. 

How to Refer Odd Fellows Contracting

Call us at 517-655-9272 and provide the name, email, and phone number of someone that you would like to refer.  We will call them (and inform that you referred them to us).  We will call and qualify the individual(s) over the phone to discuss typical investment ranges and timing with them.  If they are serious about having work done and understand the costs (see Cost Vs. Value report or our “How Much?” page for typical ranges), we will schedule an initial appointment with them at their home to evaluate further.  There is no obligation for them to continue with us for you to receive your promotion, an in home visit is all that is required!

After the appointment, we will schedule a time to drop off your promotional item as a thank you for taking the time to share the Odd Fellows Experience with them.

How to Best Communicate What We Do

We have summed up our business with the following statement: Unlike Any Other Remodeler

The question is: What is your remodeling story going to be?  There are so many nightmare tales out there and regrets from homeowners on who they trusted for their remodeling project.  We are focused on creating remodeling stories that our clients proudly and happily share with their friends and family.

Your referrals receive our Core Ideals:

  1. We Care
  2. We’re On Time
  3. We Communicate and Listen
  4. We Hate Surprises
  5. We’re Professional and Experienced

Full details on our Core Ideals can be found in the About Us section of our website.

If They Do Proceed

If your referral does proceed with their remodel with Odd Fellows Contracting, we will also provide the following option as another token of our appreciation:

  1. Donate $100 in your name to a local charity, or
  2. Send you a $75 Dinner Gift Certificate to a local restaurant of your choice.

Thank you again for trusting us with the care of your home and the potential care of the home of your friend, colleague, or family member.