Kitchen Remodeling Trends


Kitchen remodeling trends are such that for a reasonable expenditure, you can transform your kitchen and your home into something you love. Following are five easy suggestions, spanning all price ranges, which will have a significant impact on both the beauty and value of your kitchen:

1. Upgrade Kitchen Sink Fixtures – While this seemingly minor improvement may not dramatically alter the look of the entire room, it can have a big impact on the enjoyment one gets from their kitchen. An attractive and function faucet can be a big upgrade in many cases. The addition of instant hot water, for example, is another option to consider.

2. Upgrade Light Fixtures – While such a simple change may not seem like true kitchen remodeling, the effect of replacing outdated light fixtures can be dramatic. This move can help a room to feel less dated and improve its livability by increasing the light. A well lit kitchen makes a more functional and more pleasant place to both cook and spend time.

3. Replace Counter Tops – Current trends in counter tops include concrete, quartz and various synthetic materials. Even granite, for which the price has come down a lot, is still considered modern and is coveted. As a result of the huge array of both materials and colors currently available, replacing old and outdated counter tops can completely transform a room. Of equal importance, many homebuyers will pass on a home that they otherwise like if they feel the kitchen remodeling is lacking or not to current standards. For this reason, the money that one spends on remodeling is the easiest to recuperate when the home is ultimately sold.

4. Match Appliances – Few things can either make a kitchen feel well designed or completely haphazard than the matching of appliances. This does not mean that the brand or even the age of the appliances must perfectly line up. Rather, it is important that the color scheme used in the kitchen is consistent. The three most popular options are stainless steel, white and black. Any of these choices can be successful.

5. Replace Kitchen Cabinets – Doing a full remodel, that includes new kitchen cabinets, will also change the character of the room. Unlike with the option above, complete replacement allows one to select options that include the latest trends. Some of these include glass doors, wine racks, and pop-out appliance holders (this allows for clutter free storage). Oven placement can also be address with this total solution.

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