We keep our pricing very simple.  Our goal is to be as transparent as possible to avoid any confusion so that you know what to expect.  We want all of our customers to take cost confusion out of the equation so that they can focus on getting their small projects and accomplished in their homes.

In order to keep our pricing simple and transparent, it is broken down into three aspects only; an intial hour, a cost per hour, and materials costs with a small 20% markup on any materials that we source.  The final costs is based on the hours required to complete the job and any materials that you want us to provide.  It really is that simple.

Prior to beginning your job, we are available to discuss your project and give ideas on expected hours to complete the work.  After the initial hour, the hours are calculated in 15 minute increments.

Additionally, we do offer a site consultation prior to beginning the work for $99.00 if you would like assistance with measurements to make material purchases, understand feasibility of the work being requested, and/or planning for the work to be done.  We find that this often can be a great way to save time (and money) by planning ahead to make sure everything is ready for our technicians to do their work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  What is the purpose of the $99 consultation and what is included?

Answer:  The consultation is intended to help discuss options for the completion of the project along with helping to create a list of products that may be required.  When our technician is able to see the project, they will be able to estimate the hours that may be required for the completion of the work and coordinate to ensure the success of the project.

This consultation lasts up to an hour but if additional time is required to continue with material acquisition or project details, you can engage the technician to work at the rate of $129 per hour.

Question:  What if I purchase the materials, will there still be a markup on materials?

Answer:  No, we only markup materials by 20% if we are asked to source and provide the materials.  We encourage our customers to source their own materials for us to show up and install or use.  If we source the materials, we often get good pricing through our trade partners that helps offset the material markup.

Question:  What if I don't know what materials to use?

Answer:  We are available to provide resources for you to source materials and have options for some materials to use that we can source as well.  It is typically only best for us to source materials when they are with established vendors that we use on a regular basis.

Question:  When do I pay for the work?

Answer:  If a site consultation is required, the $99 is due at the consultation.  Any material purchases that you are requesting us to aquire need to be paid for in full before we will order the material.  For the work done on site, payment is due at the end of each day of work.

Question:  Will my site consultation fee be credited to the job when I move forward with the work being done?

Answer:  The site consultation is a cost outside of the hourly work.  We only recommend this consultation be done if we feel it will save time (and therefore your money) by spending time with you prior to the scheduled work.  An example would be for us to come out and measure a backsplash so you would know how much tile to purchase.

Question:  What if the technician works for a partial hour, am I charged for the full hour?

Answer:  No, after the first hour, each hour after is billed in 15 minute increments.

Question:  While the technician is out at my home, can I request them to do extra work?

Answer:  Of course! If their schedule is available for them to do more work, you can request them to stay longer to perform any work that is part of our list of services.  Please note that not all technicians are necessarily skilled at all service options and may not come prepared with all tools for extra work that was not originally discussed.

Question:  What if we find that we need more materials while the technician is on site?

Answer:  If we find that additional materials are required to complete the job, we can either go to the store to purchase those materials (please note that the hourly cost will continue while they source materials), or you can go purchase those materials while our technician continues to perform other work.

Question:  What if I am not happy with the work being done?

Answer:  In the event that this were to happen, you can ask the technician on site to stop their work and we would want you to call us to discuss so that we can come to a resolution.  We take your satisfaction very seriously and would want to understand your concerns so that we can address those concerns.

Question:  Will Odd Jobs be able to provide me a written quote or estimate?

Answer:  Because we work on an hourly basis, we don't work off of fixed price contracts.  However, we are happy to discuss typical timeframes that we have experienced on similar projects to help give a rough idea of potential costs.  In our experience, many contracts that move forward with a fixed cost prior to doing a lot of estimating and research into the work add increased cost to account for the unknowns.  With straight hourly pricing, we feel it is the most fair way to give you the best pricing possible so that nobody loses.

Question:  What happens if the product that I order doesn't work for the space or cannot be installed?

Answer:  We understand that this can happen and it is very unfortunate if materials cannot be installed as intended.  If we arrive to install materials and they are not able to be installed due to not fitting, being broken, etc. we charge for the first hour as a trip charge.  Because of this, we recommend opening any packaging and verifying that they will work prior to scheduling us to come and install.  While we are there we are happy to help troubleshoot and discuss what may be needed for a return trip to install once the correct product is on site.

Question:  What if more than one technician is required for my job?

Answer:  Some projects require and extra set of hands.  We do have multiple technicians that can be scheduled.  The first technician is billed at $129 per hour with any extra help required at $99 per hour.