Meet the Owners

Odd Fellows Contracting has been in business remodeling homes for over 30 years.  The culture of creating beautiful changes in peoples homes and lives with the attitude, demeanor, and quality of true professionals starts at the top and runs throughout the rest of the company.

Meet the Remodeling Consultants

The Odd Fellows Remodeling Consultants are your resource to understand more about the Odd Fellows Contracting remodeling process as well as understanding ranges of typical pricing for your project needs.  They will be the first individuals to contact you and meet in your home to discuss your needs and wants for your project.  They will consult with you to discuss your options and help to see if Odd Fellows Contracting is the right fit for your project needs.

Meet the Remodeling Specialists/Designers

The Odd Fellows Remodeling Specialists and Designers are here to provide the expertise, creativity, and insight to assist with creating the perfect layout for your project.  Our Design Process will guide you along the way to make sure you are made aware of all of the options available to create the remodel of your dreams.  Our state of the art design software will provide you with the opportunity to see your new space virtually so that nothing is left to chance.  Whether it be a kitchen remodel, kitchen addition, bathroom remodel, new deck remodel, finished basement, or room addition, our Specialists and Designers will help you create the perfect space.

Meet the Administrators

Odd Fellows Contracting takes pride in ensuring that we leave nothing to chance.  Our Management Team works to provide a wonderful customer experience.   Starting with your initial contact with our team until the close of your home remodel project, we want your remodeling story to be a great one.  

Meet the Project Foreman

At Odd Fellows Contracting, the Project Superintendents provide a key and steady point of contact to the customer.  Their commitment to the customer experience during the construction phase is exemplified through their expertise, open communication, and positive attitude.  Our fantastic crews help make Odd Fellows Contracting the best remodeling contractor in the area.  

Meet the Craftsman

Our experienced Craftsman are here to realize your design throughout the Construction Phase.  As they work in your home to make the beautiful changes that you are wanting, their demeanor and true professionalism set us apart from the competition.