Santana E. Redpath

Santana is a local Williamston resident and came to work with Odd Fellows Contracting to have the opportunity to work for a stable company and have more time with his family.  He enjoys finish work and the detail part of the final product.

Random Facts About Santana E. Redpath

  • Favorite Movie:  Full Metal Jacket
  • Dream Vacation:  A visit to Scotland and Ireland.
  • Favorite Sport/Team:  Santana is not really into sports.
  • Favorite Colors:  Black, Red, Yellow, and White
  • First Job:  Laborer Brick Laying
  • Favorite Season:  Spring and Summer.
  • Cookies, Cake, or Pie?:  Pie!  Specifically, Peanut Butter pie.
  • Favorite Food:  Anything but shellfish.
  • Favorite Restaurant:  Longhorn Steakhouse
  • Favorite Holiday:  Halloween because of the decorations.
  • Hidden Talents or Hobbies:  Custom carpentry.
  • Free-time activities:  Working on the house and disc golf.
  • Favorite Spot to Visit in Michigan:  Traverse City.
tiler laying marble texture hexagon tiles on the bathroom floor