Mindy Wise

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Mindy is a remodeling consultant who works with homeowners on their kitchen and bath remodeling needs. She is passionate about meeting new people and building relationships. Having a natural curiosity and enthusiasm for learning new things, she loves listening to her client’s hopes and dreams for their homes. What drew Mindy to Odd Fellows is their transparent process and high standards for quality. 

Mindy has lived in mid-Michigan her entire life. She grew up in Mason and Holt and continues to live in Holt with her husband of 19 years and three kids. When she’s not working, you can find her drinking coffee, antiquing, exploring small towns around MI, or riding her Peloton. 

Random Facts About Mindy Wise

  • Favorite Movie:  Legally Blonde
  • Favorite Restaurant:  Anna’s House
  • Favorite Food:  BBQ Chicken Pizza
  • Hobbies:  Drinking coffee, shopping, and riding the Peleton.
  • Dream Vacation:  Visiting France again as well as spending some time in Germany.
  • Favorite Color:  Black (even though her kids remind her that “it is not a color!”).
  • First Job:  Worked at a Bakers Shoe Store in the Meridian Mall and subsequently spent 100% of her paycheck on shoes!
  • Favorite Season:  Fall.
  • Favorite Holiday:  Thanksgiving, she loves huge turkey dinner and has so many memories of sitting around the table looking at the newspaper with her mom, cousins, aunts, and grandma.
  • Biggest Phobias:  Any body of water in Florida…alligators!!!
  • Cookies, Cake, or Pie?:  Crumble Cookies.
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