Jack Kujawa

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Jack works for Odd Fellows during the summer months to be part of our amazing team and learn the business.  Jack started initially in the summer of 2019.    He came to Odd Fellows because he always had enjoyed remodeling and wanted to be part of an award-winning team.  Jack brings a great and fun attitude. 

Random Facts About Jack Kujawa

  • Favorite Movie: Step-Brothers
  • Dream Vacation: Somewhere in Europe.
  • Favorite Sport/Team:   The Detroit Lions.
  • First Job: Cutting grass.
  • Favorite Season: The Fall.
  • Biggest Phobias:
  • Cookies, Cake, or Pie?: Brownies…which I guess is most like a cake.
  • Favorite Food:
  • Favorite Restaurant: Black Rock.
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas because of the music and traditions. Favorite Michigan Location:  Northern Michigan.