Gary Eastwood

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Gary joined the Odd Fellows team with some wonderful skills in drywall and flooring install. His attention to detail, high quality of work, and great attitude make him a wonderful addition to the team. Not a man of many words, Gary only let us know that he enjoys drag racing in his free time. That means we get to make up answers for the rest of the questions!

Random Facts About Gary Eastwood

  • Favorite Movie:  Sharknado 4
  • Favorite Desert: The Sahara
  • Favorite Sport:  Curling
  • First Job: Licking stamps at the post office for people mailing letters.
  • Favorite Season:  Salt :).
  • Biggest Phobias:  Shaving his beard.
  • Favorite Food:  Surstromming…look it up.
  • Favorite Restaurant:  McDonalds, can’t get enough chicken nuggets.
  • Favorite Holiday:  National Pie Day.
  • Interesting Fact:  Enjoys drag racing in his free time.  This is the only true one….
  • Dream Vacation:  Spending all day at the Secretary of State to people watch.
  • Favorite local destination:  Going to Lake Lansing with a beach metal detector.
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