Benjamin Lawton

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Ben grew up in the Williamston area and currently lives here as well.  Ben has a long history with Odd Fellows Contracting, his wife was in a Sunday School class that Bret taught many years ago and Ben has known Bret and Kris for years.  Ben was excited to join the Odd Fellows Contracting family to be a part of a team that values integrity and a great work/life balance.  Ben has two teenage children at home that keep him busy outside of work.  When he is not busy with work or family, he loves to spend time working on cars as well as weightlifting.

Random Facts About Benjamin Lawton

  • Favorite Color: Green
  • Favorite Restaurant:  Sultan’s Restaurant
  • First Job:  Cleaning at the American Legion Hall.
  • Dream Vacation:  Trip to Germany.
  • Favorite Holiday:  Christmas, loves to celebrate Christ’s birth and be with family.
  • Favorite Sport and Team: Spartan Football
  • Favorite Dessert:  The strawberry crisp that his daughter makes.
  • Biggest Phobia:  Poisonous spiders.
  • Favorite Movie:  Back to the Future.
  • Favorite Thing To Do In Michigan:  Travel to Leeland and Northport, north of Traverse City.
  • Hidden Talent/Hobby:  Cake decorating, he started decorating his kids birthday cakes years ago.
  • Favorite Food:  Roast beef.
  • Interesting Fact About Ben:  Ben served as a Marine and still holds some powerlifting records in Oklahoma where he used to live.  He also owns his Great Grandfathers old 1958 Chevy.