Bret Oleksyn, Owner of Odd Fellows Contracting

Odd Fellows Contracting began in 1988 when the founder and current owner began hiring himself out as a fellow doing “odd jobs.”

It didn’t take Bret Oleksyn long to realize that there was a reoccurring set of words that he heard from the majority of his prospective customers.  “You’re the only one who showed up, you’re the only one who followed up and delivered a bid proposal, you’re the only _ _ _ _ _ _!!!  While these words were encouraging; he didn’t really grasp the importance of them until later on.

The little “odd Jobs” turned slowly into a growing remodeling business and it became apparent that people really enjoyed the way Odd Fellows conducted themselves.  Our quality of both the remodeling process and the end product became exceptional in the industry. Before long, the demand for this type of remodeling company was so great that Bret asked his wife Kris to come and join in the business of serving the remodeling needs of the Greater Lansing Area and that’s when things really began to change for Odd Fellows Contracting.

Kris added a dynamic that was absolutely invaluable to the continued growth and success of delivering not only quality remodeling but a quality remodeling experience to the Odd Fellows customers. Bret, Kris and Odd Fellows started to really key in on these seemingly simple but yet often overlooked principles by most all other remodeling companies.  Odd Fellows Contracting began to think of new and creative ways to show the public and prospective clients just how many ways that they were different.  Examples being: Answering all calls personally;  responding to people immediately whenever possible and always within the same business day;  creating successful and informational interactions with people before even meeting them for the first time;  continually developing policies and business practices for all workers to convey two simple messages: we know what we’re doing and we genuinely care about our clients and their homes.

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